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Spiceworld 2017: Simple, Affordable and Secure SMB Servers running ClearOS

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Spiceworld 2017: Simple, Affordable and Secure SMB Servers running ClearOS

We have seen tremendous technology advancement over the past 30 years. Doing the kinds of things we do now on our smart phones truly would seem like science fiction 30 years ago and yet it is hard to imagine life any other way. Certainly we would never want to go back to the days when we would have to carry multiple devices when we have everything in the palm of our hand.

However, since the 90’s there has been little change in how servers are delivered. In most cases partners and customers continue to purchase and integrate their server hardware and software separately. Even with the amazing advances in software-defined infrastructure the focus continues to be on expensive and complex solutions primarily for enterprise customers. While this may be appropriate for enterprises the cost and complexity is still prohibitive for small and medium businesses.

That is why HPE is partnering with ClearCenter to deliver ClearOS on HPE ProLiant servers. With ClearOS preloaded on HPE ProLiant SMB servers partners now have an operating system plus essential applications all in one single system. No more hunting down and loading your software separately – it now comes preloaded in the box. And if you need a different operating system don’t worry because ClearOS preloaded will add no additional cost to your server. You decide whether or not you pay for a ClearOS subscription and any additional applications in the ClearOS Marketplace.

For partners serving SMB customers ClearOS preloaded on HPE ProLiant SMB servers creates the perfect opportunity to create and drive value with customers based on the integrated app store in ClearOS that is called the ClearOS Marketplace. All of these applications perform essential functions from network/gateway, file/print, collaboration and more. With ClearOS partners have the freedom to tailor solutions with these essential apps that meet the needs of their SMB customers at a price point they can afford. And it gives partners the model for delivering true value-added services because they are no longer paying the “pick your own ISV” software tax. The value of ClearOS is based on the tried, tested, and proven model of open source software where you only pay for what you value or need.

Visit the HPE booth at Spiceworld to learn more about HPE ProLiant SMB servers and ClearOS or visit the product web site to learn more.