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Split Mirror Backup Issue

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John Barry_1
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Split Mirror Backup Issue

In a Proliant DL360 G8 with 3x RAID1 arrays we split each of the arrays from the ACU within Intelligent Provisioning. This was performed prior to patching the OS and application running on it.

As we are happy that the patching has gone OK we now want to re-mirror the arrays.

Array A and B both offer the 'Manage Split Mirror Backup' option in SSA, however the third, Array C does not.

(Array A & B both have 2 logical drives, but Array C only has one logical drive)

I know that I used the 'Create Split Mirror Backup' option on each of them (I created a video of the iLO session, and I have checked).

The controller is a P420i with firmware v8.00, using SSA

Manage Split Mirror Backup availableManage Split Mirror Backup availableManage Split Mirror Backup option missingManage Split Mirror Backup option missing

What should we do to re-establish the RAID1 arrays that we had before they were split?

We performed similar steps on the server before without having any problems, the firmware of the server and P420i have not changed since, however the initial splitting of the array may have been performed within SSA from a SPP disk rather than using the ACU within Intelligent Provisioning.

Thanks for reading.

John Barry_1
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Re: Split Mirror Backup Issue

Given the need to re-establish the RAID1 for the system (not a big fan of running production servers with on RAID0 for any more than absolutely necessary) we began the process of re-mirroring the arrays.

Beginning with Array A we started the re-mirroring process. As soon as this had commenced the view in SSA changed slightly and the array which seemed to have the problem, Array C, showed an (i) next to it like the other two had before, and the Manage Split Mirror Backup option appeared as an action for the array, this had been missing before.


Looks like a bit of a bug maybe? Anyway the arrays seem to be rebuilding themselves well enough now.