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Split mirror without removing either hard drive


Split mirror without removing either hard drive

I have a ML350 G6 server that i would like to split the array on for recovery purposes (Planning risky upgrade).  The server has a single RAID 1 mirror and the integrated 410i controller.  I have no issues with the actual splitting of the array however the server is in a remote inaccessible location, so I cannot remove one of the hard drives after the split.  The documentation says post split that I will have two identical RAID 0 arrays and that one must be removed.


Quote from documentation:  "IMPORTANT: If you do not remove one of the arrays, the server will be unable to distinguish between the two new arrays after it is restarted (next step) because the arrays are identical in all respects."


Is it possible to perform the split, but not remove either hard drive?  Is there a way to take the second drive/array offline through the software?