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Standby Recovery Server

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Standby Recovery Server


I've been given responsibility of an existing system, which has a pair of ProLiant 6000s and a RAID 5 Storage System. The Proliants run NT, and reside on a small NT peer network.

The Proliants also run the Compaq Standby Recovery Server (SRS). I read your white paper on the SRS (# ECG042/10980). Page 6 describes how during normal operation, the Recovery Server is supposed to simply run the Recovery Agent (resident in ROM BIOS), with no OS loaded.

This is not quite the case with my system. Although my Primary server is running and is connected to the RAID tower (I can browse the RAID from this machine), the Recovery Server DOES have an OS loaded (NT, resident on one of its local drives), and is also running one or two apps.

My question: Does my system, as described, compromise the performance of the SRS?
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Standby Recovery Server

Oh yeah... definitely won't work as intended. There's no way for the secondary to be monitoring the primary system... Not in a standby mode.

Something similar to this configuration that you're describing would be "Online Recovery Server". In that case, they both run their own apps and have local drives. One would normally control the storage system and the other would have a service that monitors for the primary's condition - and can signal the storage system to switch over to it's channel if the primary goes down...

Check the services list on that second system.