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Startup CD for Proliant ML150

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Startup CD for Proliant ML150


I remember there being startup CDs for proliants way back when I used to work on them when they were compaq.

Do these things still exist?

How do I get my hands on one for my ML150?

And most importantly, will it help to resolve my 2003 server installation problem? I've unpacked the offered smart array controller driver to a floppy but the installation just keeps asking for the manufacturer's disk over and over again.

Many thanks for any help, pulling my hair out here.

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Re: Startup CD for Proliant ML150

Hi there,

For the 1xx servers there is no startup CD. It can be used for the 3xx, 5xx and 7xx servers.

You can follow the steps suggested by Karlo:
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Re: Startup CD for Proliant ML150

Ok, that helps in that I can stop looking for the CD for my system.

I have another thread open in which I'm trying to resolve a 2003 install issue where windows cant find the disk. I thought the startup cd might be the answer.

Thanks for your help.