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Still need mutiprocessor support...

Carlos Peinado
Occasional Contributor

Still need mutiprocessor support...

Hey folks,

This is a continuation of sorts from my last thread about the same topic. I wanted to give the reader a better idea of what I've done so far and what I'm running up against.

First, this is a 6/500 PL1600 bought on Ebay. It came with dual processors and all the other little goodies. So far I've sucesfully installed Win2K Advanced Server as well as Exchange and I was just about to bring her online when I discovered that the Task Manager was showing only one active processor. I did a Google search and found some known issues with this problem via Microsoft's Knowledge Base site. So I performed the recommended driver update process through the Device Manager console which ultimately rendered the computer unbootable. Okay, so I did a Win2K repair, got the computer back up and running and then went through the SCU (version 2.52A) and did the "advanced mode" thing to get to the APCI and was first asked to go and change this from disabled to either Full Table or Full Table Mapped. Then I did the other thing, which was to return to the Device Manager console to update the driver once again...

Here's my basic problem. 1) I have no idea what I'm actually doing, I'm just following instructions and making selections based on zero knowledge (anyone want a job?), and my work either renders the computer unbootable (read yet another Win2K Repair) or it reboots but still only one procesor. 2) Both CPU's are recognized during the boot process "CPU#1 blah blah blah; CPU#2 blah blah blah. 3) Various attempts to automatically or manually instal the driver in the Device manager console yield everything from "Standard PC" to "Compaq 100% Multiprocessor yada yada" or "APCI Multiprocessor"...

Arrrgh. Can someone just tell me what the SCU APCI should be set to and what driver ought to be installed in the Device Console. There are just too many possibilities to go through each one other wise.

You folks here are awesome and I really appreciate the answers many of you have already provided thus far to this total newbie!

Carlos Peinado
Phoenix, AZ
Honored Contributor

Re: Still need mutiprocessor support...


Lets try and keep the other thread going so everyone can see the history of questions and responses.

Follow Link to:,,0xa82b5bd3782dd711abdc0090277a778c,00.html

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Tom Mucha_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: Still need mutiprocessor support...

Hey Carlos.

In the SCU the APIC should be set to FULL TABLE. In Device manager, did you try the MPS Multiprocessor?
Carlos Peinado
Occasional Contributor

Re: Still need mutiprocessor support...

"Hey Carlos.

In the SCU the APIC should be set to FULL TABLE. In Device manager, did you try the MPS Multiprocessor?"

TADA!!!!!" That was the ticket! Hooray hooray! Tom is the BMOC for the day!

Thanks again everyone!

Carlos Peinado
Phoenix, AZ