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Still stuggling with server updates

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Still stuggling with server updates


As usual I'm struggling with server updates (software/firmware/bios).

If I understand correctly, HP publishes a Service Pack for Proliant on regular basis, and I can use SPP to install many updates at once.
But what about critical/recommended updates published between two SPPs?

If I run SPP/SUM I can't find a way to integrate updates provided with SPP itself with the latest updates from HPE web site.

As an example, if I browse HPE web site I find that there is a newer version of ilo firmware (2.35, while the one in SPP is 2.33). This is a recommended update.
Another example is P408-i firmware: SPP includes v.3.00, while on web site I see there is a newer, recommended version: v.3.21.

I can't belive I have to browse the HPE web site and scroll through all the available updates to see if there is something new!


Re: Still stuggling with server updates

There are a couple of ways to do this, you can build a custom SPP -, this allows you to add "hotfixes" to an SPP that might have been published after the SPP was released.
Or you can look to create a Custom SPP of your own by downloading the update you want and adding it to the image. This probably isn't exactly what you want but should hopefully be close enough
Finally, you can subscribe to support alerts which will notify you when a new component firmware version is released

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Re: Still stuggling with server updates



You are correct,

Bios and couple of firmwares released after the SPP 2020.09.0.

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