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Stop 0x07A (Kernal_Data_Inpage_Error)

Marcus W. Brast
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Stop 0x07A (Kernal_Data_Inpage_Error)

All right,

I've got a Compaq Proliant ML350 Server running Windows 2k Server, A/D and is the PDC. 1ghz proc. 1ghz RAM. 36.4gb 10k RPM Wide Ultra 3 SCSI HDD (Compaq Model: BD036735C8). Running one (1) 80gb external USB HDD.

No recent (past six months at LEAST) hardware/software changes.

The server crashed on us on Monday morning. We thought it was a power outage over the weekend re-booted the server and it worked fine all day. On Tuesday the server was out again, this time we had the BSOD with stop 0x0000007A (Kernal_Data_Inpage_Error).

Upon further investigation of the stop code it looked to be an IO_Device_Error.

I replaced the cable.

Ran Checkdisk. Checkdisk found some errors and fixed them.

I put the HDD in an identical server and it ran fine all night long.

Now when the server boots up one of two things happens either:

1) The server boots up is up for about 10 minutes and then I get the above mentioned stop message or
2) The scan for the SCSI drive fails and I am told there is no boot device.

Last time the server came up I manged to get into the Event Viewer and look at the SystemLog before the server crashed again. It said: The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Scsi\adpu160m1
Sunil Jerath
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Re: Stop 0x07A (Kernal_Data_Inpage_Error)

Hello Marcus,
When was the last time did you do the BIOS as well as the firmware upgrades?? Or you could tell me as to which BIOS version are you running currently. If this has not been updated then here is the link and let me know the results please:

The error you have stated at the bottom of your posting belongs to an onboard SCSI controller which runs on a Adaptec chip set. The link I have provided has all the software upgrades for you. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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Re: Stop 0x07A (Kernal_Data_Inpage_Error)


Please perform the follwoings :-
1) Confirm that paging file is not too small for the amount of installed memory
2) run chkdsk /f /r to repair bad blocks in paging file (requires reboot)
3) check/replace SCSI cables and termination
4) check seating of memory and other boards
5) update firmware, service pack, and drivers