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Stop 7B: Inacessible Boot Device

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Stop 7B: Inacessible Boot Device

We have been trying to rebuild our PL-6500. I can do a manual install of Windows NT 4.0 Server and SP6a, and all is well until I try to load later Compaq Drive Array Controller drivers. When I do this I get the 7B: Inacessible Boot Device error. If I stick with what comes on the NT 4.0 CD, it is fine. If I try to use the SmartStart 4.80 drivers or the latest drivers from the Compaq Web site, I get the BSOD.

Some details:
* Controller is a Smart-2DH rev c v2.02
* System ROM E25 4.30.1999
* 384MB RAM
* Dual PPRo-200 Processors
* NIC is a Netflex-3 Controller

Any suggestions on how to get around this will be greatly appreciated.