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Stop booting to external USB drive

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Stop booting to external USB drive

I have an ML150 G3 which boots to an internal SATA drive. It also has an external USB drive attached.

When I reboot, (something that needs to be done daily) it tries to look for the OS on the USB drive and will not proceed any further until i switch off the drive and restart.

I have flashed to the latest BIOS, listed the SATA drive as the first boot device but cannot find anywhere to stop it looking at the external drive. Can anyone help?

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Re: Stop booting to external USB drive

please install the latest BIOS

- enter POST with the USB HDD connected
- go to boot section, select HDD option now see the + (submenu indicator)
- press enter key to get the submenu
- you will have the USB on top right?
- select the USB device
- and using - (key) put the UBS HDD below the main HDD
- save

I hope this can help
Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: Stop booting to external USB drive

Thanks for the reply. I tried that before and thought it didn't work - couldn't see the usb drive listed in the boot order.

Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention and took a while to notice that for some reason the usb drive ( a Freecom product) was listed as a Samsung (same as 2 internal SATA drives) in the boot order. Once I saw this, I just moved it out of the way.