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Stop: c000021a unkown hard error

John Lessard
Occasional Visitor

Stop: c000021a unkown hard error

Hello all,

Thanks to anyone who responds to this post.

I have a Compaq DL 380 G2 thats running W2k3 Std. and E2k3 Enterprise Sp1. I'm getting the following error "Stop: c000021a Unkown hard error". This message is folllowed by either the system rebooting or this morning the system stops at a blue screen displaying the above message. I have set the startup properties to not automatically reboot as i needed to get the error message as nothing is indicated in the event logs other then "the system was shutdown unexpectidly". I also set the system to do a complete memory dump, which is not happening. I made sure to have a page file on the c dirve which is set to have the page file size managed by windows. I also removed the page file from any other drives.

I already have had to rebuild the Exchange db once because of the crash.

Orignally I believed the error to be hardware related and had Compaq come out yesterday and replace the system board, scsi backplane, and scsi array controller. All were replaced except the array controller as it was doa and will be replaced as soon as another part is shipped.

The firmware for the bios, scsi array controller, and hard drives have all been updated. The scsi array driver has been reinstalled as i was told by Compaq tech support that MS sometimes overwrites/corrupts driver during a windows update/service pack.

My next step is to call Compaq and have the array controller expidited.

I haven't installed anything on this machine other then MS updates since this server has gone online in late June. (The recent MS updates of the last two weeks haven't been installed).

The system also has the following apps installed
McAfee Groupshield 6 Sp1 with post Sp1 hotfix
McAfee Virusscan 7.1
Veritas backupexec remote windows agent
Diskeeper 7.0 build 430 (Which is not scheduled to run automatically)
W2k3 Resource kit
W2k3 Support tools

The system seems to crash during major disk usage. I can make the system crash during the veritas backup. I then tried to perform a MS backup of the Information Store which also made the system crash. I have also tried to do a offline backup of the information store which also made the system crash.

If anyone has any ideas of what is happening I would appreciate any help.


Re: Stop: c000021a unkown hard error

Hi John,

Will be necessary more informations to help you. What are the entire error code? c000021a (????????, ...).

If you wanna try, i use to search this errors codes at:

Put the error code at "Search For" box, and select "Knowledge Base" instead of "Technet".