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Storage Agent Alerts IDA Temporaroily Disabled

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Storage Agent Alerts IDA Temporaroily Disabled

I have an older ML370 G5 server that is sending these sort of alerts: The system has detected the following event: SNMP Trap: 3038 Date time: 01/07/2011 11:09:39 AM Computer: PRODNDB Source: Storage Agents Type: Warning Category: (4) Description: An 'Accelerator Board Status Change' trap signifies that the agent has detected a change in the status of an array accelerator cache board. Details: IDA Accelerator Status 'TEMPORARILY DISABLED' MEMORY 524288 Controller Slot # 3 Model 30 Serial Number 'PAXXXXXXXXXX' After some time another alert is sent that the Status is Enabled, then it repeats again. The system has 2 SmartArray P400 Controllers. Could this be a battery replacement issue? I am not sure, but I thought each P400 had 2 batteries, one for the BBWC? I am not sure how to go about figuring out which battery it is. Right now, the status is enabled so I don't know which controller is having the issue. I did run Array Diags, it shows both P400 with Battery Status 0x0001. I am not sure what that status means. Can anyone help?
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Re: Storage Agent Alerts IDA Temporaroily Disabled

The 2 P400's are 512MB Cache.


I see these options from HP:


HP  Smart Array P400 Battery Attach Kit 411064-B21*** this seems to be the controller and the battery

HP Smart Array Cache Battery Kit  38328-B21 *** this is a battery but seems to be only for 256 MB

HP 512 MB w/Battery Smart Array Battery Back Write Cache Enabler  405148-B21 *** not sure about this, is it a battery? Also says you have to purchase a 24in cable with it.


I am new to HP servers, so I hope someone can help.