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Storage and Ram

shamun toha
Occasional Contributor

Storage and Ram

- Abobe is my company product, the questions is for that one.
- i am running out of space in drive C:
- i have less ram

1. How can i extend my space where i have this (even
windows 2003 reinstallation need i am ready to do, but
want to avoid RAID, just simple xp with full space on c drive)

2. What model of ram i need to order to buy. now i have 512x2 in slot 0, 1.
- I want to make total 4gb

Please suggest
waiting for a quick responce..

Many thanks
Honored Contributor

Re: Storage and Ram

The SA642 has online capacity expansion features.

Backup the partition that is on logical drive 2 if you have any data on it. In the ACU delete the "Logical Drive 2". Then you expand "Logical Drive 1" to the remaining space of the Array A. Then go back to windows and use the diskpart program.

For the memory, look in the options in the quickspecs and scroll down to memory. You need to buy 3 more 300679-B21 kits. Each kit has 2 x 512MB DIMMs which are the same as the two ones that you have now.