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Strange BIOS? login screen DL380 G3

Lars Nilsson_1
Trusted Contributor

Strange BIOS? login screen DL380 G3

I'm working with one of our DL380 G3's on a (very) remote location through the iLO Remote Console.
After making some software updates the server was rebooted, but it never came back on the iLO Remote Console.
I didn't even see the "ProLiant logo" that use to be first to show up.
The server seems to be hung in some strange state.
The iLO console shows "Monitored Server Console Is In An Unsupported Text Mode"

When I restart the iLO console I manage to see (for about 0,5 seconds) that there is some text on the screen.
After a number of tries I finally succeded to capture a screen dump of the server console. (See attached picture).

"Login Name: 0x3
"Password: *******************************"

I have never seen this screen on a ProLiant server before, and hope someone here can enlighten me how to continue.