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Strange DL360 G1 Power Problem

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Strange DL360 G1 Power Problem

I have a DL360 G1 dual 1.2ghz/1024mb/2x73gb that is exhibiting some odd behaviour. The system has had no problems for some time, but recently when I powered it up the amber led only went green for about 5-10 seconds (without POSTing) and then went amber again. When I depressed the power button again, the system seemed like it made an effort to boot, but the fans sounded like they were running very slowly and seemed to be oscillating a bit (like they weren't receiving enough current.) Repeated pressing of the power button gave the same results, with the amber led onlying going green for about 5-10 seconds each time. After leaving the system plugged in but not on for an hour or so, I tried the power button again and this time the system booted normally. However, there was an odd clicking sound coming from the inline power filter attached to the AC power cord. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Anyone know if this is a power supply problem or an AC filter problem?
Diego Castelli
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Re: Strange DL360 G1 Power Problem

It is possible for you to try another power chord?

DL360 G1 has not the possibility to plug the power chord directly into the power supply. It has a small "extend" chord. Sometimes power chords does not Fix exactly into...

Try to boot with the SmartStart CD and run a system full test.

Hope this helps...
Diego C.

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