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Strange NIC behaviour

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Strange NIC behaviour

Proliant ML370R, new installation

No Gateway

NIC 2 (external, DSL Router/Modem)
Gateway (Router/Modem IP)

Modem and DSL connection work, tested on a Workstation directly.

Now: I can ping both NIC IPs, however
cannot ping the DSL modem ( and consequently have no access to the modem.

LAN works on either of the NICs when I use them as a single NIC, configure them accordingly and deactivate the other.

Modem works, when I plug it into the switch connected to NIC 1 and leave NIC 2 without IP etc. or deactivate it and have the Router/Modem IP changed to and adjusted Gateway entry of NIC 1 to this configuration.

In other words, the hardware works, but not in my combinatin. I have used this standard setup many times on other servers, never experienced problems. Seems as if had overlooked something in the servers basic configuration, maybe BIOS setup. But what? Anybody any ideas?