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Strange TCP/IP Issue

Dennis Rhine
Occasional Contributor

Strange TCP/IP Issue

I am running a DL360 G5 with Windows 2000 Server. The TCP/IP was manually configured with multiple IP addresses. However, when you look at the Network Connection properties, Windows 2000 reports that the IP address is set via DHCP. Running IPCONFIG /all shows all correct addresses. Also, if I disable the connection and then reenable it all IP settings are lost and must be manually reenetered. This starts the entire circle again. Any ideas as to where I can go to fix this? Thanks
Hense, Klaus
Valued Contributor

Re: Strange TCP/IP Issue

did you use Teaming?
Then Broke the Team, Install the newest PSP (7.60 for W2k) and after restart create the team new.
On my own Server it solf the problem.