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Strange openldap performance with hp dl380 G4,G5 and HP DL585

Ching-Che Yen
Occasional Visitor

Strange openldap performance with hp dl380 G4,G5 and HP DL585

I created a ldap server(openldap-2.3.27-5) with RHEL5 on HP DL380 G4,G5 and HP DL585,I found the performance is very bad,even I had tuned the slapd.conf and DB_CONFIG.I test it with my own script , I found the ldap server could just handle 4 authentication queries per second !!!

Then I tried to create ldap server with RHEL5 on my Desktop computer(AMD 1.7Gz,2GB Memory,IDE disk),and I get greater ldap query performance on it (about 160 authentication queries per second !!!)

In order to test it further,I install RHEL4(openldap-2.2.13-6.4) and RHEL3(openldap-2.0.27-22) on the HP DL380.All performance is very bad (about 4 to 12 authenticaion queries per second).

Then I guess that maybe it's the SMP or Hyper-threading to influence the performance.
So I tried to unplug one cpu to reduce the number of cpu from 2 ways to 1 way,and disable Hyper-threading in the BIOS.
The result is.....still very bad.....

btw,I install the RHEL5 on another pc(p4 2.8Ghz 1GB ram),It works smoothly.(about 140 authentication queries per second).

No I really don't know how to test it further....@_@

Could any one give me a suggesstion?

Thank you very much,and sorry for my poor english.