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Subject: ProLiant DL760 and SmartArray 5300 problem

Max Sorokin
Regular Advisor

Subject: ProLiant DL760 and SmartArray 5300 problem

Hi All,

We have a ProLiant DL760 (OS: Windows 2000 server) server with 14 disk cage(SW4214) attached through SmartArray 5300 controller. Disk cage has a 8 disk array (RAID 5 with spare) which has 2 logical drives. Toda'y morning server lost this 2 logical drives, and during restart we see following POST message:

1779-Drive Array Replacement Drive(s) detected OR Previously failed drive(s) now appear to be operational:
SCSI Port 4: SCSI IDs: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
(SW4214 bays: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
Logical drive(s) disable due to possible data loss.
Select "F1" to disable logical drives
Select "F2" to accept data loss and re-enable logical drive(s)

In the Windows Device Manager we see both logical drives, but in the disk management we didn't seen anything.
Events from Windows Event Viewer you can see in attachment.

Where is a problem here? Is it controller bug or HDD bug?
Is the any ways to enable those logical drives, or get data from those drives?

Best regards,



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Re: Subject: ProLiant DL760 and SmartArray 5300 problem

Hello Max,

1779-Slot X Drive Array - Replacement drive(s) detected OR previously failed drive(s) now operational:......Port Y: SCSI ID Z:

Restore data from backup if replacement drive X has been installed.

Audible Beeps: None

Possible Cause: More drives failed (or were replaced) than the fault-tolerance level allows. Unable to rebuild array. If drives have not been replaced, this message indicates an intermittent drive failure.

Action: Be sure the system is always powered up and down correctly:

â ¢ When powering up the system, all external storage systems must be powered up before (or at the
same time as) the server.

â ¢ When powering down the system, the server must be powered down before powering down any
external storage systems.

If more than 1 disk has failed in a raid 5,then the server may crash.
Check ACU if it reports multiple disk failures.
Also status leds on the disks.

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Re: Subject: ProLiant DL760 and SmartArray 5300 problem

Forgot to mention,its worth trying a ROM and PSP update.

Boot off the firmware cd and update all ROM's.

Within OS,install latest PSP