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Suitable Configuration For Database Server


Suitable Configuration For Database Server

Hi every body


Please let me know ur idea about my desired configuration for SQL server database which will be accessible for uploading website for some reason.


Proliant DL360 G7

CPU: 1 * Intel Xeon 5675 (6 Core, 3.06 GHz, 12 MB L3)

RAM: 16 GB ( I am not sure 8*2GB is better or 4*4 GB ????? it is important question for me) Registered DIMM

Storage: 3*146 10K

Controller: P410i/512 MB FBWC

Power+Redundancy power


I read the manual of DL360 G7 but I can not understand is it possible to use 16 GB RAM with 8*2GB registered DIMM for just and just 1 cpu configuration ?!

the last but not least question is , what is ur idea about this configuration ?


on this server we are going to run IIS and SQL server to be a host for website which allow user to login bu their own accounte and after authorization thay can upload their papers for getting rank !


thanks for your advice



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Re: Suitable Configuration For Database Server

How do you configure your Storage?


For DB Servers you should look for you Block Sizes and think about you future size of the db.

it's not so good to increase the size in percentag its better to use fixed sizes becaus this always leeds to

fixed spaces on your hard drives which can be read/write faster - you've less postioning of the heads and drives...


which os and database you will run on your system?

sql2008 + w2k8r2@64bit ?



Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Suitable Configuration For Database Server



should give you the memory info you need.


There are three (3) channels per processor;

There are three (3) DIMM slots for each memory channel


So that gives you 9 slots per CPU.


4x4GB is better as it gives more flexibility when/if you need to upgrade.

Performance wise I don't know.

Have you considered getting a fourth HDD to use as a hot spare? Or are you going to use 3 disks in a RAID1 with a hot spare?


These documents the users are going to upload, are they big? I mean 146GB disks are considered quite small these days..


Re: Suitable Configuration For Database Server

Thanks for your cooperation.

First of all I have to say my OS is windows 2003 Enterprise Edition or 2008 Ultimate , but 2003 is prefered.

My database is SQL server 2005

Coding is C#

I am going to use 3*146GB or 3*300GB as a RAID 5

is it possible to implemet Hot spare solution on DL360 G7?!


the average of uploding file is 5MB.

Thanks for your investigation my friends :)




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Re: Suitable Configuration For Database Server

I think all DL Series Support HotSpare.

If you use 3 x 146 oder 3 x 300 GB in RAID5 you will have about 292 GB / 600 GB for use... maybe you better choose the 450GB HDs...there is no such big price difference...and if you choose a raid5 - there is no direct need for a hot spare in my opinion.


But maybe you think once more about your raid design.


normally you should look for fast read/write access so i would suggest to make a litte bit other configuration:


SystemPartition and Pagefile stuff:

Fast RAID 1 with 2 x active 146 GB and on spare drive. --> 3 x 146 HDs 



RAID 5 with 3 x active 450 GB  --> 3 x 450 GB HDs



Fast RAID1 with 2 active 450 GB  and on spare drive. --> 3 x 450 GB


it always depends on how many people use your server an how much traffic you will have...



Re: Suitable Configuration For Database Server

Thanks !

It's really good suggestion !

Diffidently I think about them !

To tell you the truth I will have about 100 concurrent user at pick time which about 50-75% of them trying to upload their article and they have to upload about 3*5MB in a short time.


Thanks again for your goood advice!

I have to say I forget to divide my files to 3 group and design a separate structure for every one of them !