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Support Pack 7.60A

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Support Pack 7.60A

Hello. I am a little confused about something. I have a DL380 G4 running Windows 2003 Server. This machine has a P600 SAS Smart Array Controller. I constantly check HP's web site for new drivers. Today I downloaded and ran Support Pack 7.60A for Windows 2003 Server. Under the HP Proliant Smart Array SAS/SATA Controller Driver for Windows Server 2003 section it said the installed driver is and the new driver is The only driver listed on HP's web site is but Support Pack 7.60A contains a newer driver. It makes me uncomfortable to install a new driver that is not listed on the web site. Shouldn't the web site and Support Pack match up? I would appreciate any comments on this topic. Thanks.
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Re: Support Pack 7.60A


You are looking at the wrong driver for the P600. The driver labeled "HP Proliant Smart Array SAS/SATA Controller Driver" is a different model of adapter.

Also please note this:

"Important Note!

An HP ProLiant server running any edition of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Base Media Build 3790 and configured with one of the following Smart Array, SCSI or SAS/SATA controllers may intermittently stop responding and display a "STOP 0x000000D1 IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" blue screen message when using the base media STORPORT.SYS driver:

Smart Array P600

Smart Array P400

Smart Array P400i

HP 64-Bit/133-MHz Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI Host Bus Adapter

HP 64-Bit/133-MHz Single Channel Ultra320 SCSI Host Bus Adapter G2

HP 8 Internal Port SAS Host Bus Adapter with RAID

HP ProLiant BL35p with Internal 4 Port SAS HBA Mezzanine Card
This occurs because the port driver (STORPORT.SYS) incorrectly completes a request twice, and this causes the computer to stop responding. For additional information, reference Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 821138 - Computer Stops Responding with "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" Stop Error If CD-ROM Drive or Tape Device Is Connected to SCSI Controller, available at the following Microsoft URL:;en-us;821138

In addition, if using Windows Server 2003 base media, ADU and ACU report unknown slot number for these controllers and storage agents will not display any information for them.

Workarounds for the above issues include any of the following:

Apply Microsoft hot fix 883646

Upgrade to Windows 2003 SP1"
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Re: Support Pack 7.60A

Hi Corbin, don't be afraid of doing what you are attemping to do, go ahead and install PSP 7.60, it will install only those components and drivers that are needed.

You heve a question... I have an aswer!!!
Oleg Koroz
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Re: Support Pack 7.60A

if your question just for omitted particular downloads from website - it just matter of time, there is 100's product that requires each page to review and sort it out; PSP or Smart Start CD is bundled and take less effort to post