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Supported RAM on Proliant ML30 Gen9

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Supported RAM on Proliant ML30 Gen9

Hi everyone, i have a Proliant ML30 Gen server whit a Intel Xeon CPU E3-1220 v5, 4GB RAM DDR4 1rx8 2113 MHz UNBUFFERED ECC CL15, and the server it's been running out of RAM because i'm virtualizating two machines whit Windows Server 2012 so i need more RAM and i cant't find the especific 8GB RAM for this model anywhere, searching only i've found a Kingston 8GB memory KTH-PL421E/8G 8GB DDR4 2113 MHz UNBUFFERED ECC CL15, but i have a single rank memory and this i think it's dual rank; a partner recommended me to buy and install the model KTH-PL424E/8G 8GB DDR4 2400 MHz UNBUFFERED ECC CL17.

The question is, This server model and processor it's compatible whit dual rank memory?, Can i install a 2400MHz frecuency memory and a 2133MHz whit different CAS latency? (obviously in the configuration mencionated above)

Thanks for your answers and your help.


Re: Supported RAM on Proliant ML30 Gen9


Please find the list of compatible Memories for ML30 Gen9 below in the memory section of the document

HPE won't recommend to use NON HPE Dimm in HPE servers 



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Re: Supported RAM on Proliant ML30 Gen9

I know, but it is urgent for me to update the RAM memory, and the original HP RAM module would take more than three weeks to arrive, and I need it now, instead the kingston module is available immediately.

Is it possible to install Dual Rank and Single Rank memory simultaneously in a server of the features that I mentioned?