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Supported SAS Drives in DL360 G6

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R S Burnell
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Supported SAS Drives in DL360 G6

Can anyone confirm the current SAS drives that are supported in the DL360 G6 please?


I've had a look at the QuickSpecs for the server and it shows a limited choice of SAS drives. I was hoping to be able to replace some existing 146Gb drives with larger 1Tb or 2Tb drives to prolong the life of the server.


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Re: Supported SAS Drives in DL360 G6



The maximum supported drive on this model is 300GB.

I guess the server has P410i controller and this controller supports SAS Hot Plug 3.5" Midline (MDL) Drives upto 1TB but DL360 G6 uses SAS Hot Plug 2.5" SFF enterprise (ENT) drives.



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R S Burnell
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Re: Supported SAS Drives in DL360 G6

Thanks for the reply but I was under the impression that the largest supported SAS drive was 600Gb as detailed in the Quickspecs:-


SAS Hot Plug SFF (2.5-inch) Enterprise (ENT) Drives


HP 600GB 6G SAS 10K rpm SFF (2.5-inch) Dual Port Enterprise 3yr Warranty Hard Drive - 581286-B21


Are you able to confirm this for me please?


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Re: Supported SAS Drives in DL360 G6



Maximum Internal Storage

Hot Plug SAS
8 x 600GB SAS

Hot Plug SATA
8 x 500GB SATA





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Jon Langley
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Re: Supported SAS Drives in DL360 G6

Working fine since several years with 4 x 1TB SAS Seagate Raid10 Constellation.2 ST91000640SS

Just replaced original 2 x HP SAS 300Gb OS Win SBS2011 array with Ebay used 2 x Kingston SSDnow 100E 400Gb RAID10 migrated through latest version Smartstart CD ACU, split the mirror (requires advanced smartarray option), replaced 1 of the original drives with SSDnow, then selected replace array in ACU which migrated fine, then added second SSDnow and migrated Raid1 to Raid 10.

Lots of bad things said about P410i smartarray, I have had no problems no drive failures over nearly 10 years continuos use 24/7 with this production server that was purchased used on ebay from the start originally running SBS 2008.