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Supported SAS drive sizes, can we upgrade?

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Supported SAS drive sizes, can we upgrade?

We have a Proliant DL360 G6 server with (4) x6G DP 10k SAS 300GB drives in it. Currently we have 4 slots being used for them and have 2 slots open.


The question I have is this, what would be the largest drives we can upgrade to and are we able to use the remaining two slots for extra drive space?


I've tried HP support but they will not talk to me without a plan. (This server is a few years old now.)

I have tried to do my own research and I've come at a loss. All the information I've found either was too cryptic for me or the information provided didn't give a clear answer if they would work in the server, let alone, able to use all the slots.


If anyone can point me in the right direction, any links, etc. I would greatly appreciate it. 


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Re: Supported SAS drive sizes, can we upgrade?



The most important information is not the server model, but the Raid controller model...  


And the OS version.



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Re: Supported SAS drive sizes, can we upgrade?

HP Quickspecs ( ) says that the default controller in a DL360 G6 is a HP Smart Array P410i. That is an integrated version of Smart Array P410.


The amount of cache memory in the Smart Array controller originally depends on the hardware configuration ordered. The cache can also be backed up by either a battery or by flash memory (BBWC or FBWC), which is required to enable online RAID configuration changes and higher performance. Upgrading the cache module is easy but it does require some downtime.


The zero-cache configuration will only support RAID1, RAID0 and RAID1+0, and only two logical disks.

The presence of the cache will enable support for more logical disks; if the cache is also either battery- or flash-backed, then RAID 5/6 and on-line configuration changes are enabled too.


The biggest supported disk drive in Quickspecs for Smart Array P410 is 1.2 TB (693648-B21).
If you are looking for more than that, you should look into the release notes of Smart Array P410i firmware for any mention of improvements regarding maximum physical disk size.

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Re: Supported SAS drive sizes, can we upgrade?



I think Matti found the answer to your question about the RAID controller but I would like to find it myself. It should appear in the POST, no?


The current OS is Windows Server 2008 R2. This server is not in production and the OS can be changed.

Re: Supported SAS drive sizes, can we upgrade?

the DL360 G6 with the integrated P410i controller has an internal storage capacity of 2TB when utilizing up to 8 SFF SAS drives. There are 600GB drives available for your machine as well as 1TB with firmware upgrades.
So, you can fill all of your slots up to 2TB on that raid controller that you're using
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