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Suppress Smart Array 6i POST Message

Brad Keyes

Suppress Smart Array 6i POST Message

The situation is this:

Proliant DL380 G4 systems, Windows 2003 OS, Smart Array 6i RAID controller using an EMC SAN system for disk. On boot-up, we get a "POST Error: 1785-Drive not configured" message.

We can disable the 6i, but in one instance this has caused some problems with an application. Is there a way to intercept the POST message and/or not log it? The message is also getting passed on to OVOW, and I can probably intercept it there, but I would like to suppress it entirely, if it is possible.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Scott Robey
Frequent Advisor

Re: Suppress Smart Array 6i POST Message

The only way to stop the post error message is to disable the controller in RBSU. With the controller enabled you will this message if there are no drives attached. What kind of problems has disabling the 6i caused for your application? Perhaps there are reg entries for the 6i that can be removed but this is just a shot in the dark. For a short term solution you can plug an old HDD into the 6i and config for raid 0 just to get rid of the messages but I am curious about the application problem with the 6i disabled.