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Suse Linux 8 on DL 380 G4


Suse Linux 8 on DL 380 G4

Did somebody installed Suse 8 on DL 380 G4. It doesn't find the hard drive (cciss driver are not loaded).
Is there something special todo or ??

Thanks in advance.

Re: Suse Linux 8 on DL 380 G4

Ok, let's explain my problem.

I'm trying to install Suse 8 on a DL-380 G4 with 2 Smart Array 6i. Unfortunately, the cciss driver do not recognized the the Smart Array and so the Hard Driver.
I decided to manually load the cciss driver from the "ProLiant Linux" which support the Smart Array 6i. Then the hard drive are recognised and the install finishes successfully.
When the server reboot, I get a "kernel panic" because it can't mount the root filesystem ( /dec/cciss/c0d0p3 ), which is normal because cciss driver does not support Smart Array 6i.
I've tried to replace the cciss drive with the one I used during installation, but it failed too.
Does somebody know what should I do to install Suse 8 on DL-380 G4 ??

Thanks in advance.
Nick Mogen
Occasional Visitor

Re: Suse Linux 8 on DL 380 G4

I had the same problem with Suse 8 and the Smart Array 6i...the O/S install doesn't see the array controller properly. I tried various switches and settings but in the end had to install Suse 9 which saw the array/drives with no problems or special configurations.
Michael Williams_6
Trusted Contributor

Re: Suse Linux 8 on DL 380 G4

Read my rather long post here:

I believe I've also posted a small document on what to do.

Make sure you do a search before posting as this is a very common query...

Kai-Uwe Schurig
Valued Contributor

Re: Suse Linux 8 on DL 380 G4

You need an driver update disk which contains a updated driver with support for the SA 6i (at least cciss version 2.4.50-30)The disk can be found at

Installation instructions are also on this website. If you use an updated kernel (e.g. via YOU) you need an updated driver with support for this new kernel too. See (Support for Kernel version up to 2.4.21-251)