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Suspect memory problems on ML570 on W2K

Neil Morris
Occasional Contributor

Suspect memory problems on ML570 on W2K

I currently am in the process of upgrading memory on a Compaq ML570 from 1gb RAM up to 4GB. If the total memory on the system goes above 2Gb the server loads up windows and then powers itself off. I have tried combinations and all the memory works as long as it's not above the magic 2gb! Currently running memory tests with all the memory in but was wondering whether anyone has experienced similar probs or has any suggestions? The swap file is fine and have tried an NT4 build with similar problems. Bizarre
"If it aint broke" but it is....

Re: Suspect memory problems on ML570 on W2K

I wish I had your problem (and the RAM to go with it)

Ordinary NT (and Win2K) might simply have a problem with more than 2GB of RAM. Of the 4GB virtual 32-bit address space, Windows allocates the lower 2GB to LDT data segments or user-space memory and the higher 2GB to GDT data (OS and shared memory). So in all likelyhood you won't be able to avoid installing an *enterprise* edition of NT or Win2k to take advantage of any RAM beyond 2GB. They move the virtual address limit (user/kernel mode) to 3/1GB and support more physical address bits (and processors).