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Swapping RAID disks for larger ones?

Occasional Advisor

Swapping RAID disks for larger ones?

(Proliant DL160 G6)


Hi --


What is the proper procedure for replacing a working mirror set of 500 GB drives with 2 TB drives? Right now the 500 GB drive set is just one large partition. If I wind up with two partitions on the 2 TB drives, that would be OK.




Ralf Seefeldt
Valued Contributor

Re: Swapping RAID disks for larger ones?

Hi Charles,


the correct answer seems to be: that depends:


How important is ir for you to stay redundant ALL the time?


1) You could substitute one disk, rebuild the RAID system (500GB of the disk would be accepted as volumesize, then substitute the 2nd Disk, rebuild the RAID, then - depending on the capabilities of your RAID controller, extend the disksize or add another Raidvolume with the remaining space.


2) On the other hand, it would be easier to split the RAID, figure out, on what Disk you are running, exchange the other disk, Configure it into the system with its full 2TB, Copie the Volumes and content of the remaining 500 GB disk, Test, that you are able to boot from the new disk, Exchange the second disk and create a RAID.

Be carefull: some servers used to delete all disks, that went into a newly created RAID array. That changed some two years ago with a newer firmware. If that is, how your system would behave, you will have to stick to my first proposal.


I hope, this is what you wanted to know.