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Swapping drives from DL360G3 to DL380G3

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Swapping drives from DL360G3 to DL380G3

I've done this before with Windows without any issues but I'm very uncertain with CentOS, which is what I'm currently running. I'm out of drive space on the DL360G3 which only has two drive bays. I have a DL380G3 with identical specs that has 6 drive bays. Anyone know if there are any issues pulling the drives from the DL360 and installing them on the DL380?
Gary Antonio Benavides
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Re: Swapping drives from DL360G3 to DL380G3


This process is called Drive Roaming. The RAID information is stored in the drives and not in the controller, so moving the disks to another server will not result in data lost.

When attempting to move drives between servers please follow some basic rules to retain the data on the drives.

There must be a RAID created on the drives.

Swapping of drives must NOT be done in hot plug.

If the RAID array to be moved contains the OS there should not be any other RAID array in the destination array controller.

This is because the bootable array will always be the array "A" and if you have an array already in the controller the new array will be tagged as array "B" and if you need to boot from it the array "B" it will not be possible until it's marked as array "A", even though that does not mean that the data will be lost.

For proper OS functionality the destination server should be another just like the source, this to avoid BSOD and other app. issues, however if it's only data there would be no problem at all.
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Re: Swapping drives from DL360G3 to DL380G3

Cool, thanks for reply. I've done it many times in the past without issue, just never with CentOS. I have a spare 360 and 380 so I'll do more testing, but I still have some reservations since the actual server being moved is critical. You know the drill. Thanks again.
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Re: Swapping drives from DL360G3 to DL380G3


As Gary says you can do it

from my part just be sure that firmware for both controllers is the same version.

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