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Sysprep of Compaq ML370 to DL360


Sysprep of Compaq ML370 to DL360

I am in the process of upgrading the hardware on one of my servers from
a Compaq ML370 to a Compaq DL 360. In order to do this, I need to use sysprep because of the differing SCSI adapters. The 370 has the 5300
scsi adapter and the 360 has the 5I scsi adapter.

I've tried what I thought to be the correct syntax in the sysprep.inf
file but it doesn't work. Here's what I've tried.


PCI\VEN_0E11&DEV_B178 = "%windir%\drivers\scsi\cpqcissm.inf"
I also tried this line:

PCI\VEN_0E11&DEV_B178 = "C:\drivers\scsi\cpqcissm.inf", "/nt", "Compaq Software Disk", "\drivers\scsi"

OemPnPDriversPath = Drivers\SCSI

If this isn't correct, which I doubt it is, could someone please help
me to figure out what needs to go in the sysprep.inf file instead?

Re: Sysprep of Compaq ML370 to DL360

Does anyone out there have any info for me?