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System Config Partition Corrupt

Rob Monger_1
Occasional Contributor

System Config Partition Corrupt


I have a DL380 with mirrored disks running Windows 2000 SP3.

It appears that the system config partition may be corrupted since I can't get into it on boot-up when pressing F10, and when I try to copy the system config files with the system config utility it fails due to lack of disk space.

The server runs fine at the moment but is there any way of checking the partition for bad blocks etc ??


Sigi J
Valued Contributor

Re: System Config Partition Corrupt

Are you sure your server has a system partition? I ask this because the system partition is no longer available beginning with SmartStart 6.0.
When your Server was set up with SmartStart 6.0 or newer, the system partition was not created.

You can access the newer Rom-Based Setup Utility (RBSU) by pressing F9 during startup sequence.
Rob Monger_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: System Config Partition Corrupt

The server was built pre v6 and the partition definitely should be there.
Gert Luyten
Respected Contributor

Re: System Config Partition Corrupt

When you update the SCU you can select what to update, select only the SCU and not Inspect or Diagnostics.
If the disk space is still not sufficient I would forget about the F10 and boot from Smartstart 5.x for any change on the server. This CD also has a copy of the SCU program and does the same thing.

Or you can always re-install :-))
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