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System Date/Time error message on ML370 G3

Roberto Butera
Occasional Visitor

System Date/Time error message on ML370 G3

Whilst working on an auto-build for an ML370 G3, I encountered the following problem. As follows:


Message details:
1- This message will be displayed after a reboot takes place
2- It will occur at different times throughout the build
3- Generally, this happened either after configuration changes had taken place or a new software had been loaded and a reboot was required
4- Most of the times, it was generated after IP properties were changed
5- Message instructs to correct date and time from control panel. This operation could not be performed as the server freezes after error appears
6- On one occasion I managed to get the Date / Time properties window up for making relative changes and noticed that the year will not go beyond 650
7- On two occasions left message untouched on screen, came back later to machine and message had gone, and Date / Time corrected itself
8- On another occasion, error message appeared, followed by a blue screen which disappeared 10 minutes later and system loaded to NT normally

Message work around:
1- Reboot machine and press to get to the Compaq Rom-Based Setup Utility and correct Date and Time from option here. Note that the Year box when error occur will read 00F0
This workaround is not be practical on a live environment. An engineer call out will be required for fixing the problem

Test carried out:
Proceeded with the auto-build on completely different hardware. I still managed to reproduced this error.

Does anyone know if this is a known issue and what's the fix for it?
Pat Flanagan
Honored Contributor

Re: System Date/Time error message on ML370 G3


This is mostly over my head, but this patch may be related, specifically the fix "Fixed possible error with default configuration not setting up ROM date correctly in CMOS".

Good luck,