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System Management Homepage DL380G4

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System Management Homepage DL380G4


i'm runnig a DL380G4 with PSP7.3 on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. When i try to discover the Server with SIM4.2 it says unknown device. When i connect to the System Management Homepage of the Server i dont see that much. I see the navigation bar on the left but when i click a link it says. Content is linked to the boxes on the right. But there are no boxes on the right. In the right upper corner there is that point SystemModel: Unkown. This is my first DL380G4 model and i dont know what to do. I have a lot of DL380G2 and G3. They are discovered correctly.

Any ideas?

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Re: System Management Homepage DL380G4

This sound likes a SNMP configuration issueâ ¦.as far as the System Management Home Page goes.

In the snmp service settings, under the security tab, check to see if you have a community string, also check the restriction, for troubleshooting set it to accept packets from any host in the snmp.

Check the trust mode between the agents and SIM.
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Rich Purvis
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Re: System Management Homepage DL380G4

If what you see is a fairly empty page with just the "Home" tab at the top, then you are seeing a System Management Homepage timeout. The SMH is an aggregation of multiple applications, unfortunately if an application is misconfigured or takes an unusually long time to respond then the SMH will timeout with a blank page. The two most common reasons for this are misconfigured SNMP settings (as the previous poster mentioned) OR an unconfigured Version Control Agent (or a properly configured VCA that cannot connect to the repository that it is configured for).

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Mihai Nicolescu
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Re: System Management Homepage DL380G4

Yes, I had the same problem and I was missing the SNMP community (I had nothing). Now it is fixed, thanks!