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System Management Homepage version


System Management Homepage version



I need to upgrade system management homepage on some servers, the upgrade looks straight forward enough.  I just wanted someone to confirm if there is any pre reqs regarding what version of HP Management agent should be on the server to accommodate the latest version of SMH or does it not matter?  We have some servers with a quite an old version of the HP Management Agent.


Thanks in advance

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Re: System Management Homepage version

I don't know if you meant that is the version of SMH you have, or the version you're upgrading to. I think there's a newer version out of SMH unless you're looking at something besides the Windows x64 version?

I have on my Windows 2012 x64 systems if that helps.

As for compatibility with older agents, I *think* you'll be okay... SMH will report whatever the agents give it and I don't think the format of the info has changed drastically enough to make a difference. But then I don't know just how old your versions are... more than a year or two?

If they're at least somewhat recent (past couple years) you're probably okay, but if you're updating the SMH you might consider updating the agents too, unless there's some reason you're unable to.