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System Management login error

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Occasional Visitor

System Management login error

After installing and upgrading all of the Insight Management Support Packs I could no longer login to the HP System Management Home Page.
I then changed the Password for HP System Management via the HP Remote Deployment Utility (all configurable Components) but I still cannot login.

Any clues?
Thank you for your help

Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: System Management login error

Hi Paul,

are you refering to the web agent for proliant servers. If yes then, do the rest and resolve the problem.

First :
Try to use the default username & password
administrator and administrator

If fail then try Step two

Second :
- Stop the CIM agents completely on the server
- Delete the file C:\COMPAQ\WBEM\CPQHMMD.ACL and the folder C:\COMPAQ\WBEM\cache from the server
- Restart the agents to recreate the file (or reboot)
Note: This will not fix the issue with 5.3 Agents and higher. These versions require the Foundation Agent to be reinstalled, then use the Package Configuration Tool under the tools menu (Remote Deployment Utility) and set the password to the one desired.

If still problem presist Then try to replace the file which is attched in this message and restart the servers.
If you replace the file with the attached one then the passowrd will we assign for user administrator

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
Tom Vicevich
Occasional Advisor

Re: System Management login error

You could copy CPQHMMD.ACL from another server. I have done that and it works just fine. I can't verify that it will work with the newer agents.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: System Management login error

To correct Prashant, there is no longer a 'default' user name and password. You must configure the agents with one you select yourself (this includes copying the password file from another server with a known password).

Check out the 'Security Architecture' document at --> Insight Manager 7 --> Support and Documents

Full user guide for the agents is at --> Systems Management Homepage --> Support and Documents