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System Manager weird reporting

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System Manager weird reporting

Hello, I have a HP Proliant ML370 G6. The server is running as a HyperV server with 2 VM running, no real load.

Every so often I get odd goings on. Fans start to run high, EV shows temp warnings and tries to shutdown system, hard drives show offline in the System Manager. Fans show failed then back online. 15 mins later all is well. No drives offline, temp/fans, normal.

I have monitored this today when it occured and there was nothing going on that is different to normal (Stress,useage etc).

I am fairly new to HP System Manager, iLO etc and wondered if this sounded like an issue with software/firmware etc?

Any ideas would really help. Just seems odd that it all looks like its about to fall over and then all okay a few minutes later...
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Re: System Manager weird reporting

Which versions of firmware, SMH, VCA and Insight Agents are you running?
SNMP well configured?
Anything to see in the logs from the SMH and ILO?
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