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System Reserved Partition - SmartStart 8.50 - 2008 R2

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System Reserved Partition - SmartStart 8.50 - 2008 R2

Recently installed 2008 R2 on three DL360 G5s using SmartStart 8.50. Previous 2008 R2 installs had to be done manually due to lack of SmartStart support for 2008 R2. So this is my first 2008 R2 SmartStart install.

Anyway, all went fine but the 100 MB "System Reserved" partition was not created. I know it's for BitLocker but just want to make sure I didn't do anything wrong...

Like I've always done, I simply created a RAID 1 array using SmartStart ACU and then installed 2008 R2 via SmartStart.

So it seems SmartStart does not create a System Reserved partition when installing Windows 2008 R2 to a blank unpartitioned disk. Right? Can anyone confirm this?