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Tape Backup error after 20 - 70 GB


Tape Backup error after 20 - 70 GB


I'm trying to solve an annoying error concerning tape backup. I have 2 tape drives in a StorageWorks extaernal cabinet. This is connected to a ProLiant using the HP dual port SCSI controller (LSI).


This configuration has worked perfectly in our old G4 with Windows 2003 until we retired the server. Now I changed anything (including LSI card) to a G5 with Windows 2008R2. I did not change anything with cabling, termination or anything like this.


With the new server the older LTO-2 tape is running still perfect, but the LTO-4 (Tandberg LTO-4 HH) tape raises an unknown error after about 20 to 70 GB using backup software or Tandberg Tools I/O Test. HP LTT tools R/W test is completing without errors even when using the whole tape for the test.


I already did a lot of research and changed external SCSI cable, tried term-power on/off, used new cartridges, did any firmware and driver updates, but the result is still the same. Tandberg now has given me a brand new drive for cross checking, but no luck. The error is still the same.


The only thing I did not check are SCSI settings in the controller (i.e. Sync negotaion, speed, etc.) because I do not find any chance to change adapter settings.


Does anybody know how I can change adapter setting of the HP Dual Port SCSI adapter (LSI 22320-HP)?

Any other ideas?