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Tape Drive

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Tape Drive

I am having a few problems configuring a tape drive on our newly purchased ML350, although I know that the tape SCSI Id is 6 I cannot seem to get it to work in CO.

I have used the Smart Start DC which correctly identifies the RAIDED disk set 3X17GB HAD that is enclosed within the system but there is no mention of a Tape Drive, although the tape drive is seen by the hardware when booting up, hence I know it is SCSI id 6 (Searching for SCSI devices etc etc).

When setting up a CO SCSI tape several questions are asked

1. What SCSI Bus is this device attached to?
2. What is the target ID for this device?
3.What is the LUN Number?

I cannot realy answer the questions with authority because there doesn't seem to be any way of seeing the tape drive configuration. Currently I am using (Compaq Array Controller) as the SCSI Host adaptor.

Is this right? should I be using perhaps a different host device say (Compaq Fast-SCSI-2 Adapter) instead and the tape drive has nothing to do with the array controller, or should I be doing further configuration using the SmartStart Software.

Any help would be appreciated about how to find out to what the tape drive is attached and how to see its configuration.
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Tape Drive

Verify that the tape drive is connected to the integrated SCSI controller and not to the array controller. Then run the Compaq system configuration program and verify that the tape drive is seen in the BIOS with a SCSI ID of 6. Save the new hardware configuration to CMOS.

Next, boot the system to SCO and make sure you have installed the required Compaq drivers from the Compaq SCO EFS disks. The integrated SCSI controller will be using the "cha" driver. Install the SCSI controller driver into the system kernel using the "mkdev scsi" command. Select the "cha" driver for the integrated SCSI controller. Rebuild and relink a new OS kernel. Boot to this kernel and use the hwconfig command and verify that the kernel sees the "cha" SCSI controller. Now the system is ready to install the tape drive.

Run the "mkdev tape" command. When asked which controller to use, select cha. The SCSI bus will be 0, since there is only one SCSI bus for the cha driver. The LUN will also be 0. You will select a SCSI ID of 6. When you are asked for a boot or start up string, just press enter. If any other questions just press enter. Then press q to exit out to the tape install utility and rebuild and relink a new kernel. Boot to this new kernel. The tape drive should be detected when the cha driver loads.