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Tape and Drive on same controller

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Tape and Drive on same controller


i have two SCSI-Cards in my ProLiant 340 G5

1: Raid 1 (OS) and Ultrium 3 Tapedrive

2: Raid 5

I can see the Ultrium Tapedrive on Windows 2003 R2 SP2, but it's not possible to see it with TapeDrive.
When I open the Tape Library there is for about 3 seconds a red cross on the Ultrium drive but then it disappears and the tape is working.
May it be a problem having a tapedrive and disks on one SCSI Controller?

Bryan Eley
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Re: Tape and Drive on same controller

Flex, you probably should not have the tape drive attached to the RAID controller. It would probably be worthwhile getting a separate SCSI card for the drive, but don't use a terminator on the drive--it should be self-terminating.