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Tape drive with Redhat 8.0 on DL380

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Tape drive with Redhat 8.0 on DL380

ciss driver on Redhat 8.0 does not support tape drives on the internal Smart 5i board.

I tried to remove the Smart 5i cache board to try to obtain a simple Sylogic SCSI controller, but the box would boot without.

Is it possible to only use the Symlogic SCSI controller on a DL380 ?.
Thank you.
Victor Pendlebury
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Re: Tape drive with Redhat 8.0 on DL380


Did you mean " wouldn't boot without " ?

I imagine it is a DL380G2 : in that case, if you remove the Smart 5i, you have tom modify the setting of the SCSI Interlock Switch on the system board

Jake Richie

Re: Tape drive with Redhat 8.0 on DL380

DL380 G2 will disable all ports if the 5I controller is removed. The array controller is the only scsi communications on the board, unlike the G1 predecessor which reverted back to symbios control
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Re: Tape drive with Redhat 8.0 on DL380

Everyone told me that it was impossible to make the DL380 G3 with the SmartArray 5i controller work with a HotPlug SCSI tape drive. I've made it work easily after lots of trial and error. Simply install the new SmartArray 5i driver (cpq_cciss_RedHat73-2.4.46-7.i386.rpm), Hotplug packages (hotplug-base-2003_05_01-1.noarch.rpm & hotplug-2003_05_01-1.noarch.rpm) and then reboot the machine. No further configuration is required and the tape drive should show up in the /proc/scsi/scsi file as :
Attached devices:
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 00
Vendor: COMPAQ Model: SDT-10000 Rev: 1.16
Type: Sequential-Access ANSI SCSI revision: 02

I use the following script to install the packages since some special rpm options are needed to get the installation right.
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Re: Tape drive with Redhat 8.0 on DL380

Thanks Scott for your great work on this issue.

I've a DL360 G2 running RedHat 7.3 that l wish to use a tape drive with, and am wondering whether the process you recommend will work on it to?