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Tape problem with ML350

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Tape problem with ML350

I've had an ongoing problem with a ML350 server.
The tape drive (Sony SDT-7000 using Sony's driver) is recognized during POST, recognized by the OS (Windows 2003 Standard) and recognized by the backup program (Arcserve v9).
However, the backup jobs continually fail with hardware errors. The tapes and tape drives have been replaced yet the problem remains.

I would like to purchase a single channel Adaptec controller (2906) but am unsure if it will cause problems with the server.

Can anyone help with this or offer another solution?

Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: Tape problem with ML350

Hi Tom,

Since you are using the Sony SDT-7000 i am not sure abou tthe daignostic tool. What i can recomned is we can check by l&TT the daig tool for HP Dat/DLT drives.

Where while you are performing backup have you tried to use nt back also on same server.

Is there any erro reported undet the event veiwer for same.

Prashant S.
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