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Team TX Heartbeat

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Team TX Heartbeat

One of 2 NC7770 shows as status Failed ( Tx Heartbeat).
Is that Network failure ?
I saw that after HP 7.40 update
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Re: Team TX Heartbeat

That error message means that the NIC was not able to transmit a frame (heartbeat frame) onto the wire.

This can be caused by unplugging link while the NIC is trying to transmit the heartbeat frame or it can be caused by a bad NIC. The transmit heartbeat test is there to test the transmit capabilities of the NIC.

If the error condition persists (it happened more than a couple of times), I recommend swapping cables between the two NICs to see if the problem follows the cable or follows the NIC. If it follows the cable, replace the cable. If it follows the NIC and the NIC is under warranty, have the NIC replaced.

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