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Teamed NICS - NC3163 and NC3123

Jeff Mathews
Respected Contributor

Teamed NICS - NC3163 and NC3123

On one of my exchange clusters, I have two 10/100 nics teamed together to provide a heart beat service between the two servers. If I open the HP Network teaming and configuration applet, and watch the two nics, the NC3123 keeps going offline (red X) for a couple of seconds, then coming online for a couple of seconds. This is driving me crazy because I get a notification that our cluster in normal, then another that it has a minor condition - over and over again all day.

The NC3163 is the integrated nic on an ML530 G2 using the HP Driver version

The NC3123 is an HP PCI 10/100 nic using the HP Driver version

Any information would be appreciated.

Gert Luyten
Respected Contributor

Re: Teamed NICS - NC3163 and NC3123

Not a clear answer on this one except that it's not recommended to team the MS cluster heartbeat NICs since you already have redundancy using the public NICs (they can be teamed without a problem).
I also hope you didn't use 2 cross-over cables to connect the nodes to each other but instead used a switch/hub?

Rgds, Gert.
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