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Teaming on BL25

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Teaming on BL25


I set up Teaming (NFT Only) on a blade. When I look at the indivdual network cards, i notice that there is 1 netwerk card that is only sending a small number of packets, but that it is not receiving anything. Is this a switch issue, or is this normal behaviour.

thanks in advance.
Oleg Koroz
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Re: Teaming on BL25

One NIC is used for receiving and transmitting, all other team members transmit only.

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Re: Teaming on BL25

In NFT mode, one NIC (called the Primary) does all transmitting and all receiving of server data. All other NICs (non-Primary)in the team do not transmit nor receive server data.

Separate from data traffic, all NICs in a Team (Primary and non-Primary) will transmit/receive heartbeat frames if TX and RX Path Validation has been enabled in the Network Configuration Utility (NCU).

What you are seeing is normal behavior - one NIC sending a small number of frames.

If you want both NICs to transmit server data, then you should choose Transmit Load Balancing (TLB) as the team type.