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Termal State DL 380 G7

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Termal State DL 380 G7



Ik got a strange problem. I have a DL 380 G7 server.

In SIM all Fans run without error and all Temperature sensors are well below the threshold.

So no problems, but


If I do

Get-WMIObject -Class Win32_ComputerSystem | Select-Object -Property *


I get this result


AdminPasswordStatus         : 3
BootupState                       : Normal boot
ChassisBootupState            : 4
KeyboardPasswordStatus    : 3
PowerOnPasswordStatus     : 3
PowerSupplyState              : 3
PowerState                        : 0
FrontPanelResetStatus        : 3
ThermalState                     : 4
Status                      : OK


Where "4" is mentioned in WMI documentation as "Warning"


Does anyone have any idea why there is a difference between SIM and WMI?


Thanks Paul

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Re: Termal State DL 380 G7

Sorry I forgot. Server is running Windows Datacenter 2008 R2 SP1

is 64-bits OS


Re: Termal State DL 380 G7


Hi Paul,


Sometimes the issue may be due to entries in IML logs. You may clear the IML logs by logging into iLO, clicking on IML logs at the left hand side and click on clear button to clear IML logs. If the issue persists, then clear the server's NVRAM. To do so, you may refer to item 10 in section 'Component identification > System board components' in the server's maintenance and service guide to identify the system maintenance switch. After powering off the server and removing the power cable from the walljack, set switch 6 of the system maintenance switch to "On" position from the default position of "Off". Power on the server, when the messeage during POST indicates that a system maintenace switch has been turned on appears, power off the server, remove the power cable from the server and reverse the position of switch 6 of the system maintenance switch to default "Off" and then power on the server. It would also be recommended to update the server's BIOS, iLO and other firmware and the HP management agents to the latest  version to ensure that if there were any software bugs, they be eliminated by applying patches. if the issue persists, then reseat that fan, if not swap a working fan. If the issue persists, then check if the cables are properly routed and not cluttered near fan 4, obstructing air passage. If not there could be an issue with the fan cage. If the issue still does not resolve on swapping working fans, fan cage, then reduce the server to basic configuration. Remove all expansion cards, all memory modules except one memory module for each installed processor and power on the server. Add one component at a time and power on the server to help isolate defective issue.





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Re: Termal State DL 380 G7



Thanks will try the solution, but as it is a production server it could be some time before I can try the hardware solution.


Regards Paul