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Testing RAID 1 on ProLiant ML350e

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Testing RAID 1 on ProLiant ML350e

Hi Everybody, 


We're putting in our first ProLiant server on to a small site next week. The client wants to see a demonstration of how RAID 1 redundancy would work in the case of a hard disk failure. I was thinking of just pulling the disk out of the front drive bay as the server is running (to simulate a disk failure). Then when the client is satisfied with my visual demonstration, I would just put the drive back in to the drive bay and let it rejoin the RAID. 


Is there any reason why this would be a bad idea? I mean, is it okay just to pull the disk out and then put it back? 






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Re: Testing RAID 1 on ProLiant ML350e



By your message, I'm guessing that the server is being moved to a new location.  After booting up, check the ACU or ADU to verify disks are ok and no errors. Then pull out a disk, verify server is still fully up without problems (for your customer's benifit), then re insert disk. disk will be rebuilt from scratch.





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Re: Testing RAID 1 on ProLiant ML350e

Thanks Louis, 


that's what I was looking for.. :-)