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The Challenge: Dl380 G7 and Expansion Boards

Frank Gruber
Occasional Advisor

The Challenge: Dl380 G7 and Expansion Boards


Not sure what the experiences are others have made when trying to plug in expansion boards into DL380 G7 servers, but what we got faced with for the last 2 month is anything but satisfactory.

What we tried was to expand one server with an eSATA interface and another one with an ISDN/Fax card.

As HP does not offer such cards we had to look for cards of different vendors.

The following is what we tried so far without success:

eSATA PCIe controller from DeLock : Bluescreen
eSATA PCIe controller from Adaptec : Bluescreen
ISDN PCIe controller from Dialogic : Bluescreen

We checked all these cards to run within other computers which wasn't any problem at all.

An attempt to use HP's care packs based support to sove any of the problems was instantaneous receipted by closing the case with reference that this card is not supported as it is not listed in the quick specs.

As no eSATA and ISDN card are listed in the quick specs at all the moral of a story can only be: If you need ISDN or eSATA don't use DL380 G7 at all.

Interrestingly we were using Dialogic's ISDN cards with DL380 G5 successfully.

I'm very interrested to know what others think.


Jens Ey
Frequent Advisor

Re: The Challenge: Dl380 G7 and Expansion Boards

Hi Frank,

I'm using a Dialogic Diva V-4BRI-8 PCIe (306-341) without any problem in an DL380G7. It just worked when plugging it in is still doing its job.

Frank Gruber
Occasional Advisor

Re: The Challenge: Dl380 G7 and Expansion Boards

Hi Jens.

We have the Diva BRI-2 PCIe which got us into trouble. Interrestingly the diva does not cause any problems as long as it is only plugged into the server. But as soon as a driver gets installed you get a.

NMI: Channel Check / IOCHK

Same with the other cards we tried.

Dailogic told us that they have customer complaints about HP's bad support when it comes to problems where their interface cards are involved.

I don't know what HP is doing but we never had any similar problems with G5 and G6 when 3rd party cards were involved. The G7 is really picky here.

As I don't want to spend additional money on cards that potentially will not work afterwards we will try to switch to a FOIP solution to get anything out of that picky beast.