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The problem with the server

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The problem with the server

Здравствуйте, у меня проблема с установкой дополнительной оперативной памяти. 

Сервер Proliant ML350 g6, Windows server 2003,  2 процессора Xeon 5504, 2gb RAM p/n 500202-061

Купил 2gb RAM  p/n 500202-061, установил как было указано

Перед самым входом в систему появляется BSOD

Сервисного центра HP в нашем городе нет, дать ответ никто не может.



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Re: Проблема с сервером

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for choosing HPE Support Community. Could you please re-post your question here in English? This will help everybody in the Forum understand the discussion and allow them to participate as well. Thanks.

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Re: The problem with the server

I can translate this for everyone.

Problem with server

Hello, I have a problem with installation of additional RAM.
The Server is ProLiant ML350 G6 with Windows Server 2003, two Xeon 5504 processors, 2GB RAM - P/N: 500202-061.
I bought 2GB RAM - P/N: 500202-061 - and installed with instructions from here:
Before operating system's login screen, the BSOD (crash) appears as shown here:
There is no HP service center in my town, nobody can help.

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Re: The problem with the server

I believe you have followed DIMM installation guidelines.

if not please check this guidelines for ML350 G6

Also can you please verify if BIOS detect the new installed memory or not.

 How many DIMMs are you installing ?

Edwin Eppel
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Re: The problem with the server

Slot 3A is the correct slot to start populating memory. If the system was operating ok before you added the 2nd 2GB, you need to use a process of elimination. Try one DIMM alone. Then try the other DIMM alone. Did you add a second CPU when you added the second DIMM? Then you need to try the CPUs alone as well and make sure everything works individually. If the system works with a single CPU and single DIMM, try a single CPU with both DIMMs. If the blue screen occurs when you add the 2nd CPU, make sure that your power supply meets the requirements and that you have enough fans installed. Quick specs and Server Maintenance guide are still available on HP support pages. Let me know if you can't find them.