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The second NIC problem on ML 150 G6

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The second NIC problem on ML 150 G6

Dear All,

Please, give me some details about the purpose of the second NIC in HP ML 150 G6.

According to a guide, ILO support goes optionally here. On the board of this server I can see 2 NICs, where the first one labeled as "1/MGMT" and the second one as just "2".

In turn, I have installed the first NIC for supporting ILO and it works perfectly now. Bit earlier I had used this NIC for usual network activity in Windows environment, i.e. I used IP address from other netmask and by using this IP address joined this server MS AD Domain .

In addition, BMC setting in BIOS set as "Dedicated" by default and I changed nothing there besides putting IP address for ILO support.

Therefore, at present, there are two IP addresss on NIC "1/MGMT" simultaneously ( the first one for Windows environment and the second one for ILO supporting). Needless to say, I can't use both IP addresses at the same time, either Windows network or ILO network.
The only reason why I can't use the second NIC is because I can't see it in OS Windows 2003 Server SP2 Eng. Only the first NIC is shown in OS. How can I activate this second NIC and to separate these two IP addresses?